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Pioneers in Hydroelectric Project development in Puerto Rico

At the city of Comerio, Puerto Rico we are making history by being the pioneering company that will restore the Salto 1 and Salto 2 hydroelectric dams for the purpose of producing clean and reliable green energy.

This engineering wonder is the second dam built in Puerto Rico for 1913. The oldest one was built in 1906 and is also in Comerío known as “Salto 2”. Constructed of concrete hand-worked by peasant workers in the area and about 130 feet high, it was designed to hold 4,925 acre-feet of water for use in hydroelectric generation. By the 1930s, it supplied half of the island’s electricity, including San Juan.

GT333S microturbine generators to power an industrial facility in Puerto Rico.

The customer was looking for an energy solution that would improve their reliability, while also reducing their monthly energy costs. The two propane-fueled GT333S turbines will be installed in a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system designed to provide electric power to the facilities while using the exhaust energy to generate steam.

“Our customer required an efficient and robust system as electric power in Puerto Rico can be unpredictable and subject to interruptions. We chose FlexEnergy products due to their unmatched reliability,” said Luigi Hernandez, Director of Business Development for Tetrad Energy. “Additionally our customer required the system to be highly efficient while also being a clean source of energy. These requirements made our choice of FlexEnergy’s products an easy one,” added Mr. Hernandez.

“In light of recent events in Puerto Rico, energy reliability and efficiency will be key for local business in order to maintain operation during electricity outages while also controlling rising energy costs,” said Douglas Demaret, FlexEnergy’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We are pleased to be able to partner with Tetrad Energy to provide efficient and reliable solutions for their customers.”

Tetrad Energy, based in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico is the exclusive distributor for FlexEnergy products in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. For more information please call 877.394.8097 or email

FlexEnergy is a Portsmouth, New Hampshire based manufacturer of highly efficient, extremely low emission gas turbine products. For more information or media contact please call 877.477.6937 or email


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